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Feeder Conditioner - ASIAB Industrial Group

What is Feeder Conditioner?

A feeder conditioner is a piece of equipment used to process and condition materials before they are fed into a larger machine or system. The purpose of a feeder conditioner is to prepare the material for further processing before they are pelletized or extruded into animal feed.

ASIAB Feeder Conditioner...

Quality pellets are a result of just the right combination of moisture, temperature, and retention time. Conditioning holds your dry raw material in a warm, moist environment before it is discharged into the pellet mill. This machine can reduce start-up times by up to 60% which can save mechanical and electrical energy during the conditioning and pelleting process. The ASIAB conditioner operates with direct steam, injected directly into the feed, and with the heat transferred from the body of the machine.


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Feeder Conditioner - ASIAB Industrial Group

Usability & Safety

Safe and easy to use

ASIAB conditioners comprise single or dual-shaft configuration
All parts that come into contact with the feed are made of stainless steel
The machine unit has 4 hinged covers for easy inspection and cleaning
Safety systems stop the machine immediately in the event of irregularities
Rugged paneling covers all the moving parts to protect your operators
Feeder Conditioner - ASIAB Industrial Group

Power & Transmission

Energy Efficient Power

The input feeder electromotor is driven by a direct gearbox controlled by VFD
Mixer electro motors are driven via pulley belt
Feeder Conditioner - ASIAB Industrial Group

Automation & Control

Full control over your smart machine

We offer a whole range of automation solutions, from individual machine control to full smart factory integration
The integrated machine control system gives you control and monitoring over important process parameters such as motor current, motor rpm, proportional control valve, temperature sensors, ...
Feeder Conditioner - ASIAB Industrial Group

Input feeder

Smart Feeding system

Material is inserted into the body via a VFD screw feeder ensuring a regular and controlled filling of the machine
After overfilling the machine, the feeding screw stops
Feeder works by first in first out principle
Feeder Conditioner - ASIAB Industrial Group

Cooking & Conditioning

Homogeneous Cooking

This step can also be used as a pre-cooker, where gelatinization of starch and denaturation of proteins starts
Because time and temperature combine to drive moisture and heat into the center of the material, our conditioners add steam in high volumes at low velocity, ensuring temperature increases and retention times are ideal throughout the pelleting process
Working temperature between 40°C and 95°C , cooking time vary from 1.5 to 3 minutes
Controlled steam and liquid addition
Feeder Conditioner - ASIAB Industrial Group

Pellet mill

Pellet quality starts in the conditioner

It also preheats all of your feed to the target temperature before it is fed into the pellet mill, cutting out recycling or dumping of product due to insufficient temperature treatment
This can lead to increased pellet capacity and longer retention times, with reduced energy and wear costs
Increase in the productivity of the pellet mill by up to 15% with the insertion of the feeder conditioner above it


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ModelTypeCapacity(tph)Volume(L)Feeder Power(KW)Mixer Power(KW)


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Feeder Conditioner - ASIAB Industrial Group

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