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What is Super Processor?

Super hygienic processor machines can condition materials by adding steam, water, or other liquids to create a uniform mixture that is easier to pelletize and is similar to a conditioner which is an essential component in modern animal feed manufacturing facilities, providing numerous benefits.

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As for human food, it is necessary to have well-prepared and cooked animal feed to improve digestibility. In this machine, the raw materials part of the recipe is effectively cooked by accurate monitoring of temperature, time, and moisture leading to significant energy savings and increased pellet capacity and quality. The super processor guarantees sanitary quality improves the meal flow and the starch digestibility, and increases the water content of the product. This machine has a slope angle avoiding any damage to the mixing and allowing a good filling control and retention time.


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Super Processor - ASIAB Industrial Group

Usability & Safety

Easy to use

All parts that come into contact with the feed are made of stainless steel
Machine unit has 6 access doors to visit, clean, and adjust blades
Visit doors on input and output feeder for inspection
Safety systems stop the machine immediately in the event of irregularities
Rugged paneling covers all the moving parts to protect your operators
Super Processor - ASIAB Industrial Group

Power & Transmission

Energy Efficient Power

This machine has a single or double-shaft configuration for mixing driven by an electro gearbox coupled with a pulley belt transmission
Input & output feeders are driven by electro gearbox
Super Processor - ASIAB Industrial Group

Automation & Control

Full control over your machine

We offer a whole range of automation solutions, from individual machine control to full smart factory integration
The integrated machine control system gives you control and monitoring over important process parameters such as mixing motor current, input & output motor rpm, frequency & current, sensors, control valves, temperature ...
Super Processor - ASIAB Industrial Group

Input feeder

100% filled

Material is inserted into the body via a screw controlled by VFD ensuring a regular filling of the conditioner
Feeder works by first in first out principle
After overfilling the machine, the feeding screw stops
Super Processor - ASIAB Industrial Group


Slope based mixing

Materials are mixed by the blades of the rotor
This machine has a slope angle avoiding any damage to the mixing and allowing a good filling control and retention time
The paddles are bolted and adjustable
Super Processor - ASIAB Industrial Group

Treatment & Cooking

Homogeneous Cooking

Treatment allows direct steam injection and homogeneous cooking of the feed. The long-lasting treatment capacity (up to 6 minutes) ensures the perfect mixing of starch and gluten molecules
The unit always operates at 100% refilling preventing any steam leakage
Cooking time from 1 to 6 min, Temperature from 80°C to 99°C, and Moisture around 16,5%
Super Processor - ASIAB Industrial Group

Output Discharge

Smart discharge

The discharge unit is designed for regular discharging, quick response to the pellet mill, cleaned easily, and avoids any leak-off steam
The output feeder motor is controlled by VFD
Continuous discharging by maintaining a constant product temperature, the conditioner being 100% refilled with material
Super Processor - ASIAB Industrial Group

Pellet Mill

Boost pellet mill functionality

When installed upstream of a pellet mill, the super conditioner increases its capacity from 15 to 30% and also improves the pellet quality produced by the pellet mill and decreases the energy consumption
Super Processor - ASIAB Industrial Group


It Makes you select it

Salmonella free & Micro granulation
Starch gelatinization cooking
Increase Digestibility & Flowability
Higher conversion ratio


technical details of our machine models for your selection

ModelShaftCapacity(tph)Input Power(KW)Mixer Power(KW)Output Power(KW)Control ValvesTemperature Sensors
SP55Single4 - 62.21 x 111.523
SPD55Double14 - 162.22 x 111.536
SP68Single8 - 122.21 x 151.533
SPD68Double18 - 222.22 x 151.536
SPD80Double25 - 302.22 x 18.51.546


of machine for transportation and plant space & layout optimization

Super Processor - ASIAB Industrial Group

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