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Hammer Mill - ASIAB Industrial Group

What is Hammer Mill?

Hammer mill is a type of crusher that uses rotating hammers to break up material into smaller pieces. The hammer mill works by feeding material into the machine, where it is struck by rotating hammers, breaking it down into smaller particles. The resulting particles are then expelled from the machine, often through a screen or grate, to separate them by size.

ASIAB Hammer Mill...

More than 40 years of experience in development, engineering, and production ensures quality and continuity. We fully understand how to pellet a wide range of materials. Our expertise focuses not only on creating pellets, in partnership with you we strive for a process that improves the feed conversion rates, nutrition and safety of your pellets. Our pellet mill RWPR has been specifically designed to withstand the roughest pelleting conditions that can achieve maximum throughputs. With robust reliability and ease of operation, ASIAB pellet mill is backed by the our service and support team to make you sure you trust to right one.


make our machine a perfect fit for your needs

Hammer Mill - ASIAB Industrial Group

Structure & Body

Rigid, Durable

Rigid, durable construction made of considerably thick steel
Hard and wear-resistant heat treated hammers
Hammer Mill - ASIAB Industrial Group

Usability & Maintenance

Operator friendly machine

Easy access to the inside of the grinding chamber and all wear elements such as hammers, screens
Hammer Mill - ASIAB Industrial Group

Safety & Protection

Safety is a top priority in our design

Safety systems stop the pellet mill immediately in the event of irregularities
The door is fitted with safety switches to prevent the machine from being opened while it is running
Rugged paneling covers all the moving parts to protect your operators
Safe access to the grinding chamber
Hammer Mill - ASIAB Industrial Group

Power & Transmission

Efficient and powerful enough

Input feeder is driven by direct electro gearbox controlled by VFD
The hammer mills have a directly coupled motor mounted on a base frame and can optionally control by VFD or not
The transmission between the motor and the shaft is by an elastic coupling
Hammer Mill - ASIAB Industrial Group

Automation & Control

Smart people, smart machine

We offer a whole range of automation solutions, from individual machine control to full smart factory integration
The integrated machine control system gives you control and monitoring over important process parameters such as motor current, motor rpm, sensors, ...
Hammer Mill - ASIAB Industrial Group

Input Feeder

Uniform distribution, Variable Feed

The feeder is mounted on top of the hammer mill to obtain continuous feeding of the raw material into the grinding chamber and regulate the flow rate based on the power draw of the main motor
Feeder equipped with permanent magnet to extend the lifetime of screens and reduce maintenance costs
There is an electro-pneumatically controlled flap system in the entrance of the hammer mill to direct the raw material depending on the rotation direction of the rotor to achieve uniform wear and full utilization of screens and hammers


technical details of our machine models for your selection

ModelCapacity(tph)Feeder Power(KW)Main Power(KW)Motor RpmScreen Area(m^2)
HM305-70.755515002 x 0.4
HM408-140.757515002 x 0.5
HM5014-180.759015002 x 0.7
HM6018-240.7511015002 x 0.8


of machine for transportation and plant space & layout optimization

Hammer Mill - ASIAB Industrial Group

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