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What is Ribbon Mixer?

Ribbon mixer is a type of mixer that uses a spiral-shaped agitator, known as a ribbon, to mix materials. The ribbon mixer consists of a horizontal cylinder with a longitudinal axis, and a rotating shaft with a spiral-shaped blade or ribbon that runs along the length of the cylinder.

ASIAB Ribbon Mixer...

The ribbon mixer is a versatile and efficient machine designed specifically for animal feed mixing. Its design allows for consistent mixing of various ingredients, ensuring that the final product meets the nutritional requirements of animals. The ribbon mixer's design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, reducing downtime and increasing overall efficiency. The machine's gentle mixing action helps preserve the nutritional value of the ingredients, resulting in a higher-quality final product.


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Ribbon Mixer - ASIAB Industrial Group


Uniform mix, uniform output

Gentle mixing that preserves the integrity of the materials being mixed. This is especially important when handling fragile or sensitive materials that could be damaged by intense agitation
The ribbon mixer is designed to operate dust-free ensuring a cleaner working environment
Ability to add liquids during the mixing process through dedicated ports
Equipped with a pneumatic discharge gate that allows for quick and efficient unloading of the mixed material
Ribbon Mixer - ASIAB Industrial Group

Usability & Maintenance

Operator friendly machine

Doors affords easy access to the inside of the mixing chamber for inspection
The only maintenance required for the gear motor drive is a routine oil change
Ribbon Mixer - ASIAB Industrial Group

Safety & Protection

Safety is a top priority in our design

Safety systems stop the machine immediately in the event of irregularities
Rugged paneling covers all the moving parts to protect your operators
Ribbon Mixer - ASIAB Industrial Group

Power & Transmission

Efficient and powerful enough

The transmission between the motor and the ribbon is by direct helical gearbox
Ribbon Mixer - ASIAB Industrial Group

Automation & Control

Smart people, smart machine

We offer a whole range of automation solutions, from individual machine control to full smart factory integration
The integrated machine control system gives you control and monitoring over important process parameters such as motor current, motor rpm, sensors, ...


technical details of our machine models for your selection

ModelSize(mm)Capacity(L)Power(KW)Motor Rpm


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Ribbon Mixer - ASIAB Industrial Group

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